You Know You Haven’t Blogged Recently Enough When…

a) You’ve actually forgotten where on the web your blog IS. (I had to ask Google to remind me.)

b) You’ve completely forgotten both your username and password.

c) You are convinced that even if you begin blogging again, there is no longer anyone out there in the blogosphere who will read your missives.

Well, this is the time of year to just put on your shoes, head out the door and start walking, right? Even if you don’t know where you’re going. Even if you think you’ll probably get tired after a block or two.

After all, didn’t I just cram a full year of calories into my mouth between Hanukkah and Christmas? And didn’t I JUST log my food intake into the new app I downloaded after reading the NY Times article about apps that help you get your eating back on track?

This right here is the literary equivalent of diet redirection! Here is a small burst of good intentions.  Maybe this year I can find a way not only of walking through the door, but of sustaining the walk a bit further down the road.

<Raises a mug of decaffeinated coffee>

7 thoughts on “You Know You Haven’t Blogged Recently Enough When…

  1. Thanks, Mike! I am going to try to free myself of the pressure to say something insightful or literary with every post. Sometimes I’m just going to confess that after two meals dutifully recorded on my new App, and an hour walk, I got hypoglycemic and ate the equivalent of two suburban houses. One step forward, 2,567 miles back. 🙂

  2. Hi Arthur, I will read your blog no matter how often or seldom you post. Also, I’m tracking my food on a WeightWatchers app and find it helpful but also a pain…. so here’s to meeting those goals, as in yours and mine….

  3. Look at that…I find you, too, after all this time! Hope to see some more posts this year, but if you don’t find the time, I’ll just have to stick to the wonderful books you publish.

  4. Digging into your archives and found this one! Hmmmm this is not encouraging 😉
    But I loved it. Hope you remember your password this time! No pressure but please return soon!

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