The Damp Mossy Woods

I promised myself that this year I would again, devote a portion of my two week vacation to being a writer. So here I am. Bluffing my way into productivity, I hope.

Last year I discovered that the only way I was ever going to FEEL like a writer would be to…um…WRITE. For me, I guess, the connection to my storytelling impulse is weak enough that I have to build it up like a camper builds a fire…hauling spindly sticks of inspiration out of the mossy, dark, unpromising woods of my imagination…then banging my head against a wall like stone on stone in the hopes that something will spark.  Gee, that’s an optimistic image eh? LOL.  Well, darn it it’s an IMAGE. That’s a start. And I will take that start.

Now it’s off to the damp, mossy woods for me. Maybe I’ll see ya there.

2 thoughts on “The Damp Mossy Woods

  1. Reblogged this on Mike Jung's Little Bloggy Wog and commented:
    Is it cheating to reblog my editor’s blog post? I mean, come on, people do it on Tumblr all the time, so I’m really just taking part in the Tumblrfication of WordPress, right? Anyway, yes, “bluffing my way into productivity” probably sums it up for a lot of us…

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