Thank you from the Island

At some point this morning, as I drank my coffee on the porch, I thought of a whole blog post that would be big and analytical and cause all kinds of debate.

But then, after getting the house ready for departure, doing a couple of loads of laundry, and heading out to this secluded spot where I’ve been so happy writing this week, I instead leapt right in to the novel. And I started with a description of a view I’ve loved all my life…a view and a love I decided to give to one of my main characters.  And the pleasure of describing it just wrapped me up for a few hours, wherein I plum forgot what the whole point of that blog was supposed to be. 

So – how well. No controversial blog this morning folks. Sorry. No insightful meditations on publishing, where it’s going, what I might do about it if I were King.  🙂

Instead you get just the vaguely contented few paragraphs of a guy who might actually one day be a writer if he can make himself continue in the weeks ahead, when it’s much harder to find the time to warm into his creativity. 

I wrote more than I’ve every written before in these past two weeks. I’ve BLOGGED more than I’ve blogged in all the previous years of my blogger-dom combined. (I think. I haven’t added it up.)

I hope those of you who are reading this have gotten something out of it. I’ve enjoyed talking with you. Hope the conversation continues.

6 thoughts on “Thank you from the Island

  1. These posts of yours are such a gift, Arthur. And I have a sneaking suspicion this novel you’re writing will be an unforgettable beauty.

  2. I just read a poem by Michaelangelo (translated by Gail Mazur and included in a new book by Robert Pinski called “Singling School”) in which he complains bitterly about the difficulty of painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, a task in which he was currently engaged, and then concludes his litany of misery with “I am not a painter”. Who knew that even such a master doubted his abilities? You’re probably the writer that you want to be right now.

    Thank you for these short but meaningful blogs.

  3. I just started following your blog, and I have to admit I was drawn to it because you mentioned “the Island.” I have an Island I grew up spending all my summers on that is a home away from home, and I always just call it “the Island” as well. It’s such a part of my life that I forget people might actually need me to clarify what island I’m talking about. My island is a midwestern one: Washington Island, WI. Yours is probably out east, but it’s nice to know that Island retreats/homes apparently have a universal affect on people.Hope your transition back to the real world goes smoothly.

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