Trompe L’oeil?

I suspect that most folks who follow my blog do so because of my job in publishing. And I want to say thank you right now. To both of you. (Thanks, Mom. And thanks other person.)

For the next 12 weeks, however, I’m going to try an experiment and see if I really have it in me to write something longer.  I know enough writers not to be deterred by the persistent feelings of fraud and inadequacy that rise up when I try to claim an identity as a writer or when I think of writing as an activity I might do.  If everyone who had those feelings stopped writing altogether we would be a society with far, far fewer books to chose from.

Ok, two paragraphs in and already I’m hedging. Look, ok, I’m not trying to see if I can write “something”:  What I’m trying to do is see if the the little holes I’ve torn in the curtains covering this story in my head were really allowing me to see something real and true, something that was part of a larger tale that needs to be told; Or whether what I saw were just glimpses of a trompe l’oeil painting, a two-dimensional portrait.

Well, folks, I guess I’ll find out! Laissesz les bon temps roulez!

8 thoughts on “Trompe L’oeil?

  1. I hope you have a grand time! Your biggest problem might be all the terrific books you’ve read and edited to perfect final drafts. If we just measure ourselves by that gauge of finished works, we’d never ever start writing! Now, you get to take that mass of undefined clay and shape it into something no one has ever seen before! Tell your internal editor to tell you how wonderful you are at least every 15 minutes.

  2. In my experience, attempting to find and string together just the right words in just the right order to create a tempting believable world readers can walk or fall into…and stay until the end…. is a thrilling and very humbling exercise. 🙂

    Martha B~

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this experience, it turned my day filled with self doubt around! Thank you. 😊
    It is nice to know that someone you admire also sometimes faces the barriers self doubt.
    There is no doubt in my mind you can accomplish anything you want.
    To me, you are an inspiration, a succes story, one that managed to fulfill his dreams.
    You are high upon the ladder I am attempting to climb, a published writer, even more so, a publisher!
    Personally I managed to write part 1 of a trilogy that contains a hidden story within and I never, ever thought I would be capable of such thing.
    Now when someone at the bottom of the ladder can do this just imagine what someone at the top can do. 😀
    Hopefully you will still read my comment for it has been a while since you posted this.
    An update regarding this matter would however be appreciated.

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