Day 2

Sometimes a beginning ‘s

More drinking than drawing

Less writing than thinking

More hemming and hawing

And when I say drinking

That’s coffee of course

Though perhaps I need liquor

To remount this horse

Right now I’m just staring

While the horse flicks its tail

Not even beginning the trot down the trail

One day, zero pages, 12 weeks in duration

I add up the sums of this hoary equation

Oh how and oh why am I facing this path

Having signed up for Writing

I’m saddled with math.

One thought on “Progress

  1. Arthur,
    I absolutely love this post. I’ve been back to read it on more than one occasion. I love not only the deeper meanings inside the text (which I’m certain nearly every writer can relate to), I also love how lyrical this piece is. Both the word selection and the rhythm of language used to convey the message are wonderful. Of course, the unexpected twist presented in the last stanza always makes me smile.

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