Making a habit

It’s day 3, and I took a break today to work out at the gym with a wise trainer (half my age) named Dan Hennessey at K-Strength Fitness. We talked about what new habits might help make me a healthier person. And then we talked about how long it takes for something to become a habit. Dan said that one of the things he could do for me would be to ask me periodically how it’s going — to serve as an anchor of accountability. I’m sure it’ going to help.

Of course I also thought about my writing experiment, and the rusty, stiff mechanism that I’ve found encasing the creative project I’d been working on for so long.  I can’t just leap in and bound forward like a gymnast on a tumbling run.  Apparently what I’m going to have to do is start out by limping around the mat a few times. And I’m going to have to keep at it every day until some semblance of fluidity comes back.

And when I say “comes back” that’s being generous.  It’s never felt REALLY fluid to me. And yet I still want to try.  Fortunately, I have a group of terrific writers who cheer for my creative efforts in the way Dan cheers me toward health.  I may feel rusty, but I’m a lucky, lucky rusty guy.

3 thoughts on “Making a habit

  1. Nice Art! Glad to be of a small part tif your success, always cheering for you and always ready to knock some rust off ya!

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