This year has really been all about adjustment. Mostly great adjustments, I have to say. Hand-picking a team that has become very close knit.  Integrating with our magnificent distribution partners at Chronicle.  Learning to be both disciplined and FREE in our pursuit of great storytelling and equitable inclusion.

Since the pandemic there have been tougher adjustments as well. Being separated from my colleagues. Not having the routines of an established office.  And right now…I’m longing to hold the first printed copies of Levine Querido’s launch list…then to send them with notes to our authors and artists.  Those advance copies won’t just “come in” and get distributed.  We’ll have to figure out how to send them to my house…and from there out into the world.  A small problem compared with the ones facing those who are ill, or caring for the sick. But still…an adjustment.

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