All the Lights in the Night

ce7bf95080757435406318d685c2a727All the Lights in the Night
By Arthur Levine
Illustrated by James E. Ransome
Published by HarperCollins Publishers
Hardcover & Paperback Picture Book
ISBN 9780688101077, 9780688155926

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On a dark December morning, Moses and Benjamin begin their escape from Russia to Palestine. With only a battered old lamp for comfort–and a single night’s worth of oil–they try to keep up their spirits by telling the story of Hanukkah. And, when that night finally comes, they light the old lamp, and hope for a miracle.

“…Levine’s uplifting story–which reads like a folktale–is an admirable blend of religion and history that juxtaposes the tribulations of Benjamin and Moses with a retelling of the Hanukkah story…Ransome’s richly textured oil paintings…capture the underlying sadness while illuminating the story’s themes of strong brotherly love and enduring faith…The result is a splendid book for Hanukkah and everyday, where the gentle message leaps out from the boys’ shining faces and the homey simplicity of the text.”  —Publishers Weekly

“Based on the experiences of his grandfather and great-uncle’s escape from Russia in 1914, Levine’s story of two courageous boys should appeal to children…Ransome’s oil paintings capture the drama of the journey, especially the boys’ encounters with the train conductor and the sea captain. They also show the warm relationship between the brothers. Good to read aloud, the story should prove popular for intergenerational sharing, especially in families in which grandparents or great-grandparents emigrated at a young age.”  —School Library Journal