Monday is One Day

9780439789257Monday is One Day
By Arthur Levine
Illustrated by Julian Hector
Published by Scholastic, Inc
Paperback Picture Book
ISBN 9780439789257

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One by one, the days of the week roll by. Monday is one day, Tuesday is blue shoes day, and Wednesday is halfway day.

When Saturday and Sunday finally come, it’s time for little ones and the adults who love them to play, share, and celebrate. Every day of the week offers a special opportunity for families to enjoy being together!

“Most working parents of young children will be on board with Levine from the very first line of his new book…Hector’s strong, sure ink lines, bold colors, and subtle textures invite readers into a variety of homes and families (urban and rural, black and white, gay and straight), while conveying a domestic world of solidity and warmth. In these high-achieving, résumé-building times, it’s refreshing to see a book that believes that life is not about what you do but who you come home to—and how you enjoy your time together.”  —Publishers Weekly

“While it is difficult for parents who work outside the home to part from their children, Levine assures youngsters that a work week does eventually end, and that each day affords an opportunity for some special time together…Youngsters are subtly introduced to diverse ethnic representation, grandparents as primary caregivers, a child who has two fathers, and single parents, with a reprise of all the families in a park scene at the end…these adults share their love for their children and eagerness to spend time with them. This is a fine vehicle for discussion of different family groupings, kinds of work, and separation anxiety.” —School Library Journal

“Leaving their kids to go to work every Monday morning is hard for parents. By turning the week into an upbeat countdown, working dad Levine shows how to make the days speed by, especially when each one brings something special to share….Hector’s watercolor-and-pencil illustrations sport strong outlines, simple shapes and basic reds, blues, yellows and greens to evoke a warm, comfortable, retro feeling of family togetherness….By including traditional urban, suburban and rural families as well as single parents and same-sex couples, the illustrations positively reinforce the reassuring message that all parents “count the ways” to be with their kids “the whole week through.” Hits the spot for families with working parents.” —Kirkus Reviews


MONDAY IS ONE DAY Illustration © Julian Hector